Thursday, June 20, 2013

Introducing Buildy Bits MATERIALS

It's hard to describe how excited we are to introduce our first materials offerings now that they are live in the main viewer. Buildy Bits is focusing on this new capacity of Second Life and helping you create even more amazing builds. With the advent of normal and specular maps SL is going to a whole new level of visual sophistication, and we are here to help you utilize those possibilities to the fullest.

Our first set of Materials releases include three packs of gorgeous ceramic tiles and one of carpeting. Each pack is specially tuned for the color set. The tiles use both specular and normal mapping to clear effect where the carpet is a more subtle use of normal mapping that adds a level of detail above just normal textures.

Visit our Main Store! Join the Buildy Bits group and wear your tag for an additional 10% in store credit with every purchase.

All of these packs are on introductory sale this weekend for the groups Builder's Bargains, Super Sales Weekend, and Simply the Best of SL. Intro pricing is just $L99, regularly $L350.

You'll be amazed how good SL can look. At our new main store location (still under construction) you'll find displays showing the new materials. Soon we'll be releasing a free materials viewing helper to the SL community, so stay tuned.  Not to mention many more products to come soon from Buildy Bits, your source for new materials.

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