Thursday, July 11, 2013

Glitter, Glass, and Ceramic Materials releases from Buildy Bits on SALE

New this week we have 5 new full perm packs that really show off what Second Life Materials can do!

All are on introductory SALE for $L99 this weekend...normally priced $L300 - $L450.


Also, there is a FREE mini materials Seashell Scallop pack available at the store for the Surf's Up Hunt through the end of July.

Pack of three scallop seashell materials that includes diffuse maps, specular, and normal maps giving the illusion of a fully responsive 3D object with just the use of textures. Includes sample object for reference.

Hint to find the hunt box is: "You'd have a good view"

~ Buildy Bits, your source for full perm Materials ~

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