Friday, July 26, 2013

Lace Extravaganza weekend at Buildy Bits

This week at Buildy Bits it's all about lace! We have an amazing array of patterns and variations, all new releases on sale this week as well as one exclusive design that will only ever be available for the Love Donna Flora event.

Buildy Bits main store.

The lace patterns are all enhanced with normal maps that create an extra 3d effect to the fabrics for a stunning result. The patterns vary from geometric to organic, classic to unusual. Come by the store and see all the different offerings. All packs feature diffuse, normal, and alpha maps for a combined 10 materials each.

This week we've joined My 60L Secret, and for that sales event we have:

For Simply the Best of SL we have at $L99 each:

For Super Sales Weekend we have at $L99 each:

Plus we are releasing all of these packs on sale this weekend as well for $L99:

^All of the packs above are available at our main store location

ALSO, we have one very special pack of lace that is available ONLY at the Love Donna Flora charity event and will never be resold. We are only offering this at full price due to the nature of the event and the very limited time it will be available. It's a 100% donation item at $L300:

Teleport to our location at Love Donna Flora for this exclusive.

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